ChapoBanz says he is “bringing the love back” in this Exclusive interview [INTERVIEW]

“I dont trust nobody…trying to be sombody.” This is the first line of his single “Nobody” which really spoke to me in so many ways. This artist is an artist that people have to get familiar with. With already having done songs with with Rich the Kid and Pluto, Chapo is no stranger to success. He also has said he has a song with Lil Uzi Vert which has yet to surface. For the past 2 years he bas worked on his sound while building a devoted fan-base across the US due too his success posting his music on SoundCloud and preforming at small venues in St. Louis. The only was Chapo is going is up and his dedication to his music speaks for itself and his own success. Chapo also has his upcoming mixtape ”

1. Actual Name?

Jorge Ramirez

2. Where are you From?

St. Louis Missouri

3. How old are you?


4. What is your Stage Name?


5. How long have you been in music?

2 Years

6. Whats sets you apart from other artists?

I dont copy flows or anything, everything in my music is all me original and raw and my own style.

7. Dream Collab?

Lil Wayne

8. Where do you see yourself going with your music?

Making it to the point where I can go on tour and have a bigger fan base and consistently drop music for the fans.

9. Who or what influences your music?

Chief Keef

10. Any New Music coming soon?

Yea new music on the way very soon, just been going through some things mentally but I have a tape titled “Tokyo Love Tape” coming very soon.

11. Best Song you have made so far?

“Ever” with my boy Pluto

12. Your Crew?

My boys Pluto, Myles, Nick, and Flakko

13. What was it that made you think I can do this?

When Chief Keef blew up, I found that style very easy to mimic and just like everyone else I dropped a few songs like that but changed it up because it was dead.

14. Lil Pump or Smokepurrp?

I like 1 song from Purp but I’d say Lil Pump

15. Travis Scott or Quavo?

Travis Scott

16. Kendrick Lamar or J-Cole?


17. Lil Yachty or Lil Uzi?

Lil Uzi

18. Have you done any shows and If you have where and how many?

Ive got booked a couple of shows in my city and I done a couple of parties

19. Thoughts on todays music and where do you see it going next year?

If were talking about new people this year, I dont really fuck with it but one like Sahbabii and Trippie Redd to be honest. I expect new sounds and new waves this year.

20. Smoke Weed and Drink?


21. What other factors play into your music?

Just overall experiences in my city and with my gang and anime haha. Real Otaku shit I love me some Oppai you dig?