Kid-Al Puts The 610 On The Map [INTERVIEW]

Straight out of the NY Kid-Al has really come into his own from taking a break from music and coming back onto the scene with 3 new singles and his latest song that dropped last night titled “Do No Wrong”. The Manhattan native is no stranger to the hustle and grind it takes to have success in the music world and he is going in the right direction accumulating over 30,000 plays on his single “610”.  The song also got the notice of GENUIS LYRICS.  His style and flow is something rap needs to take notice because its only a matter of time when he makes it.



1. Actual Name

Alvy Corniel

2. Where were you born

Manahattan, New York

3. How old are you


4. Where are you from

Originally from Manhattan, but now reside in PA

5. Stage Name

Kid-Al aka young al

6. How long have you been in music for

Been in music for about 4-5 years

7. Who or what influences your music

My life or things I go through influence my music

8. Dream Collab

Don’t really have a dream collab

9. Any new music on the way

Always new music on the way hopefully mixtape

10. Best song you made so far

My best song in my opinion is Check

11. Your Crew

My crew knows who they are

12. What was it that made you think I can do this

Self belief u can do anything you want in life if you work for it

13. Lil Pump or Smokepurrp

They both fyeee smokepurpp more versatile

14. Travis Scott or Quavo

Both fyeee again but Travis Scott

15. Lil Yachty or Lil Uzi


16. Have you done any shows and if you have where and how many

Never done a show but it’s comin soon

17. Your thoughts on todays rap and r&b scene

I fuck with all the new shit lotta new waves comin up I fuck with everyone new for the most part

18. Smoke weed


19. Drink

Borderline alcoholic

20. What other factors influence your music

Family, friends & hoes