Kay The Yacht keeps it 300 in this Exclusive Interview [INTERVIEW]

Every rapper has their crew and who they role with, but with this particular artist he likes to ride the wave with his Sailing Team members and enjoy life and make great music.  Kay has a very distinctive sound which can range from him murdering a beat with continues bars and no hook, or to a relaxing feel just like most of the Sailing Team members.  Kay is on the rise and is about to make his name known to the entire world


1. Actual Name


2. Where were you born

Italy (Soave,Verona)

3. Age


4. What is your Stage Name

Kay The Yacht

5. How did you get your stage name

When I joined the Yacht Club

6. How long have you been in music

3 Years

7. What makes you different from other artists

Im an originator, no one thinks of the hard shit I do

8. Who or what influences your music

My surroundings, my lifestyle, my situations

9. Where do you see yourself going with your music


10. Dream Collab

Lil Wayne and Drake

11. Any new music on the way


12. Best song or songs you made so far

Dopey, Shark Gang, Invincible

13. Your Crew

The Sailing Team

14. What was it that made you think I can do this

Practice and Consistency above industry rappers

15. Smokepurrp or Lil Pump


16. Travis Scott or Quavo


17. J-Cole or Kendrick


18. Lil Yachty or Lil Uzi


19. Have you done any shows and if you have where and how many

Over 100 shows in over 35 states

20. Thoughts on todays music and what do you expect to see next year

More me

21. Smoke Weed


22. Drink

Hell naw

23. What influences and outside factors play into your music

The Trap

24. Thoughts on todays rap and r&b scene

Its younger then it used to be

25. What would you like to see happen with music next year

More Me

26. What part of your music has changed since you started

Im more melodic

27. Top 5 rappers of All Time