Exclusive Interview with $uicide Kent

“I love gettin’ high too, I wanna hide you. How did I find you? Ill be inside, Im making music to cry to.” This is a quote from the late Lil Peep who’s music has touched so many artists and fans across the nation. In this particular interview this artist who was my roommate back in college brings his soul and heart into his music and expresses it in a way Lil Peep did with his style and sound. He has an edgy ghostly side to him as well as a heartfelt side which can be heard in his music. So without further a do I present $uicide Kent.

1. Actual Name?
Kurt (last name unknown)

2. Where are you From?
Lancaster PA

3. How Old Are You?

4. Stage Name?
Suicide Kent

5. How long have you been doing music?
Around 10 years now, I was makin music in highschool and my whole town went brazy. I ended up doin a rap battle and some shows but kinda laid off as I began my plan b; college.

6. What Makes you Different from other artists?
The elements that I bring to rap. The effect, such as distortions. I try to be a human guitar solo but with words that mean something. Many things influence my music. My lifestyle, past experiences. I can hear a wind chime and use the spontaneous melody from a gust of wind to make a song.

7. Where do you see yourself with you music going?
I am going to be working with the leaders of the new school in due time, they will know and understand when they get exposed to what I do.

8. Dream Collab?
Dream collab would definitely be Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, $uicide Boys. Lil Peep if he were still with us. RIP.

9. Any New Music On the Way?
I got a joint called R O L Y that sounds pretty lit. It was a freestyle but it came out right.

10. Your Crew?
I run wit the VanGogh’s and especially my homie 95’slozer.

11. Smokepurpp or Lil Pump?

Smokepurpp is more versatile but Pump amps me up more, so both.

12. Travis Scott or Quavo?

Travis, but damn Quavo really the lead dawg rn.

13. Kendrick or J Cole?

Kendrick overall but J Cole puts music in perspective the best.

14. Lil Yachty or Lil Uzi?

Lil Uzi. Love em both tho.

15. Have you done any shows and if you have where and how many?

I’ve done two gigs, both in Lanc city. One at the Chameleon and one at some VFW Today’s music is as complex, barrier-breaking, and diverse as it’s ever been and it’s just where it should be.

16. Thoughts on todays music what do you expect to see next year?

I expect to see AstroWorld take Trav and Quavo to that next level of superstardom. I expect Trippie Redd to get much bigger as well as various other artists. I saw big things comin for X until he got locked up. Damn shame. Anyway I like the new school rap. We still have master lyricism in Kendrick, J Cole, Dave East, etc, while now having the melodic, Wild autotuned guys

17. Choice of drugs if any?

Everyday. Syrup or liquor and weed.

18. What other factors play into your music?

But yea I grew up playing the electric guitar so I definitely feel an edge from it. But the pain that I’ve experienced helps effect the music I make in ways that I like while I can still bring that soft side that my mother instilled in me by being the angel that she is.

19. Craziest Trip

Craziest trip was on DMT June of 2016. Lost my fuckin mind man.

20. Craziest Story

So I was arrested the day before for possession n shit. I was like 16, my parents were pissed. My one friend owned some indoor skatepark that was in the process of being closed down for good but it still had some half pipes and ramps left. Wayne’s skating teacher that was on tour with him reached out to my friend’s dad and asked to come through. My friend convinced my mom to let me out the house, but I had no idea what for. They just told me it was a surprise. This is late July of ’11 so Sorry 4 Tha Wait just came out. Wayne was still at the forefront of the rap game and was easily one of my favorites. When he popped his out of the tour bus that rolled up around midnight that night, I felt like I was melting to my knees. I just didn’t expect to see him. He was with his brother Marley G and a guy named Tony T. They were all super cool. Wayne smoked like 10-15 swishers. He was so focused on skating that he didn’t talk much but he was really cool, and I respected his want, it was like him doing what he missed out on growing up a rockstar.