Rob Flo Drops Off His New Single “Swerve”

Rob Flo has returned with a fresh new track ‘Swerve‘ and it carries an immense amount of energy. On this record we see the pop style that Rob Flo meshes so effortlessly into his music. The editing is super clean as well, and he uses lots of vocal pitches to make his sound stand out. The NC artist is rumored to have a song with Quentin Miller finished, but no release date is set on that yet.

Here’s what Rob had to say about his track:

“This song is just about me being broke but on the verge of something big. Something I want all artists that are working from their bedroom to realize. we’re the future. 
Our idols are getting older but so are we. There’s no time to stop and think, somewhere there’s a kid in his room working twice as hard as you, no breaks.”

Stream the song below and let me know your thoughts on it.